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Pablo Pro art - 120 Pencils

Credits to Irv's Luggage

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Pablo Pro art - 120 Pencils Review

So far, I love my Pablo Pro art - 120 Pencils. I use it every day for my work and also at home. I could not chose worse additional.

Pablo Pro art - 120 Pencils Description

Superior color pencils for highest requirements: artists, illustrators, graphic art, art tuition. The lead is soft water-resistant leads, O 3.7 mm, very economical thanks to their exceptional covering power, excellent lightfastness. The pencil shaft is hexagonal, end-sealed in the same color as the lead, marked with color name and code, best cedar. Product conforms to CE EN71. These pencils can be used for the following techniques: shading, graded applications, mixed media, can be combined with Supracolor Aquarelle and Neocolor crayons. Drawing on wood, photographs.