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Jacuzzi BEL7242 CCR 4CH White Jacuzzi BEL7242 CCR 4CH 72 x 42

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Jacuzzi BEL7242 CCR 4CH White Jacuzzi BEL7242 CCR 4CH 72 x 42 Review

I switched to Jacuzzi because I buy quality things. I will never go to any other again. Best whirlpool bathtubs I have ever owned!!!!

Jacuzzi BEL7242 CCR 4CH White Jacuzzi BEL7242 CCR 4CH 72 x 42 Description

Bellavista Collection: To the Spanish and Italians, the word bellavista means beautiful view. To Jacuzzi, Bellavista means a luxury tub thats gorgeous from any perspective. This beautiful tub comes in a corner installation style for a unique design statement. The Bellavista is offered in your choice of four colors (white, black, and oyster) and features a contoured backrest, dual armrests, and slip-resistant bottom. The unique sculpting of the interior and exterior edges highlight the Bellavista's traditional design and unparalleled comfort. Integrated Dual-Armrests- Convenient armrests are sculpted into the bathing well Contoured Backrest- Form-fitting backrest is designed to be more comfortable to lean back against Measurements: 72"L x 42"W x 26"H Luxury Salon Spa: A statement making bathroom centerpiece, Jacuzzi's line of Salon Spa's are as functional as they are beautiful. By combining the technologies of both luxury Whirlpool with luxury PureAir, Jacuzzi Salon Spa tubs give users the ability to select from over a dozen unique experiences. During each bathe, you will have your choice between Jacuzzi's legendary Whirlpool experience and the calming effervescence of PureAir. Top of the line components such as a 900-watt heated air blower, powerful multi-speed motor, and targeted jets are what makes Jacuzzi's Salon Spa the industry's leading luxury tub. User-friendly controls and beautiful lighting completes the package. Listed below are the details for the Jacuzzi Luxury Salon Spa. Powerful Multi-Speed Motor- High/Low speeds are electronically operated from the Jacuzzi user controls. Silent Air Induction- Jacuzzi's patented air induction system silently mixes air into the water creating that legendary Jacuzzi Whirlpool experience without a hissing sound. Electronic Airflow Adjustability- Air induction levels are adjusted electronically from the Jacuzzi user controls. RapidHeat Inline heater- Maintains user defined temperatures eliminating the need to add more hot water during bathes. Whirlpool Wave Mode- Cycle the air flow in the jets from no air flow to maximum air flow creating a unique wave-like experience. Whirlpool Jets: 4 TargetPro Jets- Delivers power with higher flow and air integration rates for a targeted, vigorous massage that is never too strong of uneven. Fully adjustable TargetPro jets let you adjust the flow to tailor the bath to suit your needs. 2 AccuPro Jets- An essential building block of a Jacuzzi jetted Whirlpool, this precision jet sends an accurate, pinpointed flow of air and water to target specific areas of your body. AccuPro jets are highly adaptable and maneuverable. 4 Rotating Neck Jets- Specifically designed to massage the neck, these jets rotate in a clockwise, circular motion and are placed higher within the bathing well to target neck muscles. Engineered to release tension, they ar